The Bee Plan USA

A Little Bit About The Bee Plan USA

About Our Charity
The Bee Plan USA is a charity founded in Texas that is focused on co-building homes with victims of natural disasters in the Philippines.
How to Donate
To make a donation please mail a cheque payable to "The Bee Plan USA" to 1710 Talcott Lane, Sugar Land, TX, 77479.  Please include your email address as a memo on the cheque and a 501 (c) (3) tax receipt will be emailed to you.
What the Future Looks Like

The Bee Plan USA broke ground on a 14 unit structure for victims of Typhoon Nona in San Jose, Northern Samar, Philippines in February of 2017 in a joint venture with The Bee Plan Canada.  48 children will be moved from shanties and tents to Typhoon Resistant homes.  The project shall be completed in June of 2017!

Our Team Members
The Board of Directors consists of Shawn Kirwan (Co-Chair), Frank Vanden Elsen (Co-Chair), and Carol Tulod (Treasurer). The Executive Director is Charlie Thurston.